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OMGIWROTEMORESHIT?! The world imploded, I'm sure of it. [Sep. 3rd, 2005|04:15 am]
A Scientific Fairy Tale...


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Title: Popular.
Author/Artist: Alexi Serenitia. (alexi_serenitia)
Pairing: Ed x Utena
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist and Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Rating: PG.
Theme: #7 (superstar)
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or Revolutionary Girl Utena, nor do I claim to, blah dee blah, all that nice technical stuff.
Note: As you can probably tell, there are time changes in this since FMA and RGU don't take place in the same point of time.

Ed had noticed that Utena was extremely popular. Well, he sort of had to... such a fact was really hard to ignore, when so many girls would come up and talk to her, giggling and chatting. It wasn't that any of them had a crush on her. No, most of those girls had a crush on President Kiryuu. They idolized Utena like crazy. And why?

Because they thought she was insanely cool.

He grinned. Utena was insanely cool, for so many reasons. First off, he had watched her get yelled at by teachers time after time for wearing a boy's school uniform to classes, and not once did Utena let them push her around. Ed admired this, and so did all the other students. The girls of Ohtori Academy thought that Utena was strong, and thus her popularity rose until it shattered the roof.

It was like Utena was a superstar in her own little world.

This thought made Ed laugh a little, because it made him imagine Utena as some sort of famous actress. Not that Ed had any doubt that Utena could do something like that. She was talented.

...any girl who could take down the entire boy's basketball team had to be talented.

That was actually what Ed was watching her do at the moment. He was grinning insanely as he took a sip out of his juicebox and wrote down a few more things in his notebook.

He was also mentally listing more reasons as to why he could understand Utena's popularity. Well, she also had a sense of justice. She wouldn't let anyone push her around, but she really wouldn't allow anyone to push her friends around. Ed was always finding Utena defending her quiet friend Anthy from people who treated her in a less-than-kind way. And the alchemist had lost count on how many times that Utena had rushed to his defense when people wouldn't cut it out with the short remarks. Damnitall, he was not so short that not even Tom Thumb nor Thumbelina could see him without a magnifying glass!

However, sometimes Ed got a little bit annoyed by Utena's popularity. It wasn't anything against her, but when everyone was always running up to talk to her, it made it hard for Ed to speak with her himself. He really wished that he could talk to her more often... maybe even alone.

After all, after the first time Edward Elric had imagined what it would be like to kiss Utena Tenjou, he realized that the pink haired girl held a different sort of appeal to him than anyone else.

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