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LYKOMGAFICI'MTHEONLYONEWHOPOSTSHERELOLZ!!1 - A Fullmetal Revolution [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Scientific Fairy Tale...

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A Scientific Fairy Tale...


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Title: Lemon Juice.
Author/Artist: Alexi Serenitia. (alexi_serenitia)
Pairing: Ed x Utena
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist and Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Rating: G.
Theme: #3 (jolt!)
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or Revolutionary Girl Utena, nor do I claim to, blah dee blah, all that nice technical stuff.
Note: As you can probably tell, there are time changes in this since FMA and RGU don't take place in the same point of time. Also, I have to thank my dear friend Crystal for giving me the idea for what I was going to write for this theme.

Ed had no idea what had possessed him to do it.

He had been invited over to Utena's dorm room for tea, and the moment he had arrived, Anthy had left to water the roses. So they sat there alone, chatting and drinking tea.

Somewhere in the conversation, Ed had asked: "Do you have any lemon juice?"

"I'm not sure..." Utena blinked, a little confused as to why Ed would ask a question like that. "Why do you ask?"

"There's always been something I've wanted to try..." Ed responded. He was an alchemist, a scientist by defination, and scientists were known for their curiousity. Of course, it wasn't a science experiment the vertically challenged prodigy wanted to try, per say...

"Ah, you do!" he cheered in success when he spotted a bottle of lemon juice after much searching. He brought it back over to where they had been drinking the tea, pouring a little bit of it in each of their cups.

"Ed...?" Utena looked at him strangely. "What are you...?"

Ed stirred both of their cups. "Heh... drink up!"

Utena drank the tea, and she had to admit that the lemon juice... well... it added an extreme jolt, a zing! Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She looked over at Ed and laughed when the same thing happened to him. Not in a mean way, of course, and Ed seemed to know that Utena wasn't laughing at him out of cruelty, so he laughed along with her. So they sat there laughing at each other.

But that's not what Ed pondered as to what possessed him to do it.

No, he was wondering what possessed him to lean across the table and claim her lips with his own.

Well, he had to admit that he was a little bit pleased with the jolt Utena had gotten from that.

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